As a graduate of FSAPS, you are part of an exceptional community of lifelong learners and achievers who have been shaped by our transformative education, innovative STEAM curriculum, and a strong emphasis on character development.

We are delighted to invite you to join – the new networking platform for FSA alumni, teachers, and parents. Fulton Science Academy Alumni Network brings our community together by providing you with access to:

  • A running feed of alumni updates, interesting content, photos, and conversations.
  • A directory that connects you to the entire FSA community around the world.
  • A mentoring program, giving you the opportunity to be a mentor or a mentee.
  • A job board with current opportunities, posted by alumni, students and strategic partners. Group conversations allowing you to engage at a more granular level with those with the same field of study, interests, careers, industries, and locations as you.
  • Invitations to upcoming events, including virtual get-togethers, webinars hosted by subject-matter experts, and other organic engagement opportunities created for and by you.
FSAPS has always held a special place in my heart, and being part of the alumni community means that the bonds we formed during our time there continue to grow even after graduation. The memories, friendships, and life lessons we gained at FSAPS remain with us, and this supportive community provides a space where we can cherish those moments while also fostering new connections. I am genuinely grateful and proud to be a part of this amazing alumni family.
FSA Alumni

We are proud of our alumni and their accomplishments, and we look forward to celebrating your successes and continuing to support you throughout your journey.