The elementary music program at FSA provides a comprehensive and engaging learning experience that introduces students to a diverse range of musical concepts, history, music theory, and performance opportunities.

Elementary Music

Through dynamic movement activities, students gain an understanding of beat and meter.

Third-grade students hone their skills on the recorder, while fifth-grade students master the ukulele, and both fourth and fifth grades engage in capstone projects that allow for creative exploration.

Our elementary music program fosters a love of music and a lifelong appreciation for the art form, empowering students to grow into confident and knowledgeable musicians.

All students receive vocal instruction, allowing them to learn proper techniques and explore their singing abilities. By connecting music to various periods of history and cultures, students gain a deeper appreciation for the role of music in society. They learn to understand the context in which music is created, and how it shapes and is shaped by culture.


At FSA, music education is a fundamental component of the curriculum, with sixth-grade students required to choose between band or orchestra as their music class.

Seventh and eighth-grade students have the opportunity to meet twice a week, enabling them to engage in more extensive and immersive learning experiences. By providing a structured and challenging music program, FSA nurtures students' musical talents and fosters a lifelong appreciation for the art form. The orchestra program offers students the opportunity to explore a variety of orchestral string instruments, such as the violin, viola, cello and double bass.

The FSA Orchestra program takes part in GMEA District V events such as LGPE and All-State Orchestra allowing students to exhibit their hard work and commitment, while also cultivating a deep appreciation for the complexities of orchestral music.

In addition to the core curriculum, students can participate in orchestra clubs and other chamber music ensembles, allowing them to refine their skills and collaborate with their peers. By participating in the FSA orchestra program, students develop essential skills such as teamwork, discipline, and creativity, which can benefit them in all areas of their lives.


Once in seventh grade, all students have the chance to continue their music education twice per week. Band instruments include all orchestral wind instruments, as well as percussion, allowing students to discover and develop their preferred musical styles.

Beyond the regular curriculum, FSA students can participate in a range of additional programs, such as Pep Band, Advanced Band (invite only), Drumline, Bucket Drumming Ensemble, and Student-led Chamber Groups. These programs provide students with opportunities to expand their musical horizons, refine their skills, and collaborate with their peers.

The FSA Band program takes part in local concert festivals and GMEA District V events such as LGPE and All-State Band, allowing students to showcase their hard work and dedication.


Honors Drama is an enriching and dynamic high school theatre class that explores the fascinating world of theatre, exposing students to the magic and artistry of the performing arts. This course is designed for students who have an interest in theatre, whether they aspire to become actors, directors, playwrights, designers, or simply wish to deepen their understanding and appreciation for the performing arts.

Honors Drama works hand in hand with the Drama Club and students are able to count their Honors Drama coursework towards the accumulation of Thespian Points. Students who reach 100 Hours of rigorous Drama work are eligible to join. The Thespian Society is a High School Honor Society, as a Troupe and opens opportunities for students to serve on an international board. As a troupe we travel to Columbus, GA and participate in ThesCon, a three-day event where students do workshops, watch performances, can audition for colleges, participate in tech and design challenges, and speak with college representatives.

In class, we will work shows from conception to performance – analyzing the script, discovering character motivation, and developing compelling designs. Yearly, we will take our first show to the Georgia Independent School Association Competition and complete in One-Act against other Independent and Private schools in the state.

"Music education is not just about playing an instrument. It's about learning to listen, to work together, to appreciate other cultures, and to express yourself in a way that words cannot."
Michael Tilson Thomas