A t our school, the safety and well-being of our students and staff are of utmost importance to us. We recognize that a safe and secure learning environment is essential for student success and we are committed to ensuring that our school is a place where everyone feels safe, supported, and respected.



The Mission of the Fulton Science Academy Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive and developmental counseling program for all students. This program is designed to empower all students in mind, body, and spirit by promoting and supporting personal, social, emotional, and academic growth, and development.


To achieve this, we have put in place comprehensive safety measures that are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the changing needs of our school community. These measures include physical security features such as secure entrances, surveillance cameras, and emergency communication systems, as well as policies and procedures that address issues such as bullying, harassment, and violence.

We prioritize the education and training of our staff and students in emergency response protocols and safety procedures, so that everyone knows how to respond effectively in the event of an emergency.

"School safety is not an option; it is a fundamental right for every child. It is our duty as a community to ensure that schools are sanctuaries of learning, free from fear and violence, where students can grow and thrive in a secure environment."