School Uniform

S chool's dress code policy requires all students to wear the FSAPS uniform and maintain a neat, clean, and safe appearance. Students are expected to dress appropriately and not disrupt the educational program or school's operation.

Dining Services

Dining Services

Fulton Science Academy provides a convenient and healthy lunch option for students through The YAY Company, a meal delivery company. The service offers a variety of nutritious meals from local restaurants, and students can choose an entrée and a side.


The heads of school have the final say on whether a student's dress, grooming, or accessories violate the dress code policy. It is essential for students and parents to follow the dress code policy to promote a positive school climate. Please find the current acceptable uniform clothing for each grade level at Land's End.

Wearing a school uniform is not about suppressing individuality; it's about celebrating unity, focusing on character, and valuing each other beyond our outward appearances.
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