F ulton Science Academy wants to make sure that parents can be a part of their students’ learning and not be afraid of technology as it enters the home and school space through FSAPS’ one-to-one technology program. This opportunity comes with concern, especially with regards to students’ safety, which is of course a priority. After conducting thorough research to find the best solution available for our students, Securly was the answer.

Securly’s web filtering software monitors student activity, whether or not the students are on campus, along with sending regular reports to the school as well as parents. From tools that help adults create a student-friendly Internet to an AI that recognizes signs of bullying and even intuits risks of self-harm, Securly breaks new ground and innovates to meet modern problems head-on.

Securly’s parent portal features keep parents up-to-date on their childs’ online activities, which made parents equal partners in student security and aided the school with student disciplinary issues. Now, both parents and administrators can be on the same page when it comes to improving student productivity and achievement.4th through 12th grade students to register for this feature, sign up.

For more information, please contact the Technology Coordinator Yasin Kaya at