w e do not currently provide transportation to or from school but may consider offering this service in the future in accordance with state guidelines. In the meantime, Pre-K to high school students must be dropped off in the designated area appropriate for their class as directed by the school administration per written guidelines.



At our school, the safety and well-being of our students and staff are of utmost importance to us. We recognize that a safe and secure learning environment is essential for student success and we are committed to ensuring that our school is a place where everyone feels safe, supported, and respected.


For safety reasons, students will not be allowed to enter or leave the school without being escorted by their parent(s), a person authorized by the parent(s), or facility personnel. Parents of students in after-school care must come into the building to pick up their child in the evening and escort them from the building.

In cases where the person picking up a child appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, another authorized person will be called to pick up both the child and adult. If there is a court order keeping one parent or guardian away from the child, FSAPS must have a copy of the court order on file to prevent the non-custodial parent from picking up the child.